Emerging Sustainable Coating Technologies
presented by Steven Danielpour, HOK
Thursday, May 22, 3:15 PM - 3:45 PM
Session: Good Practice in Specifying Coatings and Other Finishes

Sustainable coatings are coatings that protect materials, improve performance and increase the durability of materials in construction. Early innovations began with the development of high performance coatings to provide corrosion protection of steel, aluminum and other metals. Developments from exterior finish systems included elastomeric coatings that responded to the need for shedding water off masonry construction. Further barriers protected construction, improved energy performance and added durability to exterior wall construction by minimizing the progress of water moisture and air through construction, including vapor barriers, water resistant barriers and air barriers. Recent innovations have moved sustainable coatings from passive to active performance and from minimizing damage to repairing and restoring resources. These new coatings include ones that clean surfaces through photocatalytic action, coatings that purify the air, other coatings that absorb sound, and coatings that absorb carbon from the environment. What are future developments in sustainable coating technology? These may include coatings that alter their chemistry to respond to environmental effects in ways that are regenerative in nature.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define what makes coatings "sustainable" in the built environment.
  • Differentiate the types of sustainable coatings and discuss the role of each in construction.
  • Develop a knowledge base of current sustainable coating developments as they move from passive to active performance, and understand where and how they are employed in construction
  • Discuss the future of sustainable coatings as they move from coatings that minimize damage to those that are regenerative.

  • Speaker Bio:

    Steven Danielpour As Director of Firmwide Specifications, and a member of the Corporate BuildingSmart, BIM, Project Delivery Boards, Steven Danielpour overseas HOK firmwide Specifications Initiatives. He actively monitors QA/QC efforts and Technical Delivery of Specifications Documents in the New York office, ensuring high design and technical excellence in project delivery. Steven has significant, multi-disciplinary professional experience in all phases of Architecture, Urban Design and Interior Design practice. He applies strong technical skills on projects from inception to completion, including preparation of preliminary project descriptions, Basis of Design Documents, Construction Documents, research and specifications, technical training and management, project management, design and construction contract administration. Steve's work history includes significant projects in Aviation + Transportation, Corporate Headquarters, Commercial Interiors, Science + Technology, Higher Education, K-12, Heathcare, Justice, Strategic Accounts + Planning. Steven has a Bachelor of Architecture from Syracuse University, is a Registered Architect, a Certified Construction Specifier and a LEED Accredited Professional BD+C.