Preventing Water Intrusion into the Building Envelope through Proper Preparation of Rough Openings
presented by Paul Grahovac; Ron Tatley and David Boyer, PROSOCO
Thursday, May 22, 9:30 AM - 10:00 AM
Hall of Mirrors
Session: Performance of Air Barriers

When windows leak, it is often not the window but improper rough-opening preparation and the installation of the fenestration that is the culprit. In such cases, window replacement doesn't solve the problem.

Leaky window and door installations lead to water intrusion, mold, and structural damage. They also adversely impact the energy efficiency of entire buildings.

The problem is not that the technology is unavailable for proper flashing and installation. Rather, there is a lack of focus on and knowledge of proper principles and practice by installers, general contractors, architects, and owners.

This technical paper will focus on the problems of improper material selection, faulty workmanship, and many of the pitfalls that lead to what is perceived as leaky windows and doors. It will demonstrate principles of proper rough-opening preparation that enable construction professionals to prevent window-related water intrusion into building envelopes and promote energy efficiency.

Learning Objectives:

  • Describe three common pitfalls of typical window installations.
  • Explain how water gets into walls via rough openings, despite good windows.
  • Explain how testing mock-ups to failure as opposed to ASTM standards benefits the construction process.
  • Compare and contrast self-adhered flashings and fluid-applied flashing systems.

  • Speaker Bio:

    Paul Grahovac is PROSOCO’s R-GUARD Building Envelope Group Air & Water Barrier Technical Leader. He’s served a variety of roles for PROSOCO over his 18-year tenure with the company. He currently works to train architects and contractors about the R-GUARD line of fluid-applied air and water barrier products. He is active in the following industry associations and organizations: LEED; International Code Council; Air Barrier Association of America’s Technical, Flashing, and Whole-Building Testing Committees; National Concrete Masonry Association’s Air Barrier Task Force; ASTMCommittees on Building Performance/Vapor Permeability/Window Installation, RCI Industry Advisory Council; and Passive House Alliance.