New Coating Technologies That Enhance Occupant Experience
presented by Rick Watson, Sherwin-Williams
Thursday, May 22, 2:00 PM - 2:30 PM
Hall of Mirrors
Session: High Performance Architectural Coatings

There are advanced coatings available today that not only beautify spaces, protect surfaces and meet the most stringent VOC requirements, but also contain technologies that offer features and benefits never before found or expected in a paint.

We've become better over the years in sealing interior environments for increased efficiency, but we've also sealed in everything from aldehydes to mold and mildew to unpleasant odors. There is odor eliminating coating technology now available that helps to reduce common interior organic odors so rooms stay fresher longer. And recently, formaldehyde reducing technology is being used in paint to help improve indoor air quality by reducing VOCs from possible sources like insulation, carpet, cabinets and fabrics.

There is a science behind these advanced technologies and test data that compares performance to conventional paints. Learn about these breakthrough coating innovations and how they are transforming expectations and improving interior environments.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn about new coating technologies that offer advanced surface protection and benefit indoor air quality.
  • Understand and communicate the science behind odor eliminating technology and formaldehyde reducing technology.
  • Learn how to specify coatings with new technologies.
  • Understand the history and influence of VOCs on the coatings industry.