The Continuing Need for Coating Standards
presented by Allen Zielnik, Atlas Material Testing
Thursday, May 22, 3:45 PM - 4:15 PM
Session: Good Practice in Specifying Coatings and Other Finishes

Architects and other specifiers need to carefully consider the performance requirements and other characteristics of the paints and functional coatings used in their projects. This is necessary to achieve and retain both the aesthetics and functionality of their projects. To this end, most product manufacturers and some third party bodies provide product data sheets and boilerplate "cut and paste" specifications. However, perhaps due to the large number of different coatings tests and specs, and more likely the specifiers lack of fundamental training to understand and interpret this array data, many projects fail or don't achieve expectations. In short, there exists a large disconnect between coating specifications needs and current practices, and a further disconnect between understanding meaningful coating performance and laboratory tests. This presentation will highlight some of these disconnects by example, comment on the status of efforts to improve on the current practice, and call for stronger action by the architectural community.

Learning Objectives:

Understand the difference between test methods and specifications.

Identify key coating attributes and specifications.

Understand the standards and specifications process

Learn sources of information for better specifying.

Speaker Bio:

Allen Zielnik is senior consultant-weathering science in Atlas Material Testing Technology LLC’s global Consulting Solutions group, where he specializes in the weather durability testing of materials and products. He is frequently invited to speak at various worldwide technical symposia, and is the author of more than 115 publications and conference presentations. He has degrees in electronics engineering and analytical chemistry, and since 1975 has specialized in the instrumental analysis of polymeric materials with major instrument companies, with particular emphasis in the area of molecular weight characterization and physical testing. Since 1994, he has been involved with natural and accelerated weathering technology and solar simulation with Atlas Material Testing Technology.