Color Matters
presented by Jill Pilaroscia, Colour Studio, Inc.
Wednesday, May 21, 11:15 AM - 11:45 AM
Hall of Mirrors
Session: Decorative Coating Materials and Methods

Color isn't just surface decoration. We have a human response to color stimulus and it is that response we are addressing when we work with color for the built environment.

Color can make a building memorable and differentiate it from its competition. Color can be tailored to appeal to a target demographic for marketing purposes. Color can shape experience and behaviors in environments in a positive way.

Color reaches across many disciplines. Color psychology principles are widely used in creation of healing and life-enhancing environments. Geographic location influences how color appears in a specific locale. Cultural belief influences whether color is favorable evaluated. Biological response and visual ergonomics act upon us in a subliminal way.

We will look at before and after visuals of projects that have been repositioned through the application of color from the residential, institutional and commercial market.

We will look at color application for new developments targeting specific demographic audiences.

We will show "what is" and "what can be" in terms of architectural color for the built environment.

Learning Objectives:

  • Students will learn how to analyze a building or development for color selection.
  • Students will be able to identify resources and tools for architectural color selection.
  • Students will learn a process for color selection.
  • Students will learn how to present and communicate about color selections to a broad audience.

  • Speaker Bio:

    Jill Pilaroscia is an acknowledged worldwide innovator in the field of color consultation. A 1975 graduate of the San Francisco Art Institute, Jill launched her career creating palettes for Victorian houses.

    The founder of Colour Studio, she consults for diverse global companies and is a fully accredited member of the International Association of Color Consultants. She continues to research the psychological, biological, and visual ergonomic factors of color. Her thesis “Color in the Manufacturing Environment” analyzed the impact of color in carpet manufacturing facilities.