FEVE Resin Technology for High Performance Architectural and Industrial Protective Coatings
presented by Kristen Blankenship, AGC Chemicals Americas
Thursday, May 22, 3:15 PM - 3:45 PM
Hall of Mirrors
Session: High Performance Architectural Coatings

FEVE, fluoroethylene vinyl ether resins are a class of fluorinated resins that can be formulated into a variety of coating systems where superior long term durability is required. FEVE resin chemistry resists degradation by UV light providing coatings with unsurpassed exterior weatherability. FEVE resins are unique amongst fluorinated resins as they are supplied in all the forms typically utilized in coating manufacture: solvent, water, and powder. This flexibility allows them to be used not only in factory applications but also in field applications. For industrial applications, the powder and water-based products exhibit high performance without the high VOC's typically found in higher performance coatings. In architectural applications, FEVE based coatings showcase vibrant color palettes without degradation and fading and offer green building solutions including cool roof coatings. This paper will discuss results of performance and weathering testing of an FEVE based powder coating for industrial applications as well as a water-based FEVE coating for architectural applications.

Learning Objectives:

  • Compare and contrast polyvinylidene fluoride (PVdF) and fluoroethylene vinyl ether (FEVE) architectural coatings in terms of application and performance.
  • Knowledgably determine which FEVE coating type to apply based on field or shop application and substrate (solvent-based, solid resins, water-borne, powder).
  • Discuss the low-VOC/HAPS-free attributes of FEVE coatings and the importance of meeting South Coast Air Quality (SCAQMD) standards.
  • Discuss the attributes and benefits of FEVE technology when applied to a project exterior, including long-lasting protection from the elements (UV rays, wind, rain, corrosion) and reducing the use of resources and costs associated with maintenance/repair.

  • Speaker Bio:

    Kristen Blankenship has a Bachelor of Science degree in Chemistry from the University of Evansville.

    She has spent the last 15 years in the coatings industry working for various coating, chemical, and material manufacturing companies.

    She began her career as an analytical chemist at Red Spot Paint (Evansville, IN) focusing on defect analysis. This experience allowed her to develop a unique approach to formulation with a focus on structure-property relationships. She eventually became a UV curable coatings formulator at Red Spot and later moved up chain to Cytec Industries, Inc. (now Alnex) as a technical service chemist in the area of waterborne liquid coating resins.

    In January of 2013, she accepted the position of technical service chemist for the LUMIFLON product line, a brand of FEVE fluoropolymer resins manufactured by Asahi Glass Company. She is currently working at the AGC Americas Technical Center in Exton, PA.