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AkzoNobel Rolls Out Grand Branding Plan; U.S. Labels Get a Pass

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

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Global paint giant AkzoNobel (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) is deploying a worldwide marketing strategy, under a banner of “Let’s Colour,” and will unite many of the company’s decorative paint brands under the new identity.

The brands, which do not include the company’s Glidden label and other paint brands marketed in the U.S., are Dulux, Flexa, Levis, Alba, Coral, Sadolin, Marshall, Astral, Bruguer, Dulux Valentine, Inca, and Vivechrom, the company said.

 AkzoNobel corporate headquarters in Amsterdam
The company unveiled a new worldwide marketing campaign, “Let’s Colour.” The logo appears on AkzoNobel’s corporate headquarters in Amsterdam.

A U.S.-based media spokesman for AkzoNobel told Durability + Design that the company’s portfolio of U.S. paint brands—including Glidden, Glidden Pro and Devoe paints—are not part of the global identity initiative. The U.S. brands also include Flood and Ralph Lauren products.
The strategy demonstrates the company’s determination to further expand its market share in consumer paint worldwide, which currently generates annual revenues close to €5 billion, AkzoNobel said.

 AkzoNobel Let’s Colour Week
During “Let’s Colour Week,” launched Oct. 10, buildings around the globe will receive color makeovers.

The first markets affected by the new “Let’s Colour” identity program include Canada, China, India, Southeast Asia/Pacific, and the Netherlands. Other countries and regions will follow during the course of the year, with the brand identity reaching nearly 50 key markets.

New Brand, New Logo

The AkzoNobel “Let’s Colour” logo will appear on all product packaging, all advertisements, product websites, and other relevant marketing materials for the brands involved, the company said.

“There are huge opportunities for us to compete directly in local and regional markets. By delivering a consistent brand image around the world, we can increase our global scale and establish more leadership positions,” said Tex Gunning, AkzoNobel executive committee member responsible for Decorative Paints.

 Tex Gunning
Tex Gunning, AkzoNobel executive committee member responsible for Decorative Paints

“Our quality paints go far beyond protecting surfaces. Some of our products help to reduce energy consumption, while others contribute to enhanced indoor air quality,” Gunning said. “These paint products with unique functionalities, along with the rest of our portfolio of eco-premium products, will help us to achieve our business goals while further strengthening our reputation as the world's leading decorative paints company.”

The new brand identity was developed following extensive research, the company said. It is represented in a “flourish” logo that highlights the global “Let’s Colour:” campaign, the company said.

More information: www.akzonobel.com.

‘Let’s Colour’ Conclusion: Blue is Most Popular

On Monday, the new brand kicked off “Let’s Colour Week,” an initiative in which “dull structures” around the world are to be given a vibrant dose of color.

According to Canada’s Toronto Sun the week-long event is an attempt to increase color awareness and “how it impacts our daily lives.” Numerous buildings housing non-profit organizations will receive a color makeover, the Sun story said.

The story also reported that prior to the start of the “Let’s Colour” week, Dulux Paints announced an international color survey that found that blue has risen to elite status as “the world’s most popular color.”

 AkzoNobel blue room
An international survey found that blue is the world’s most preferred color.

The survey, involving respondents from 30 different countries, “demonstrates that colour preference varies more by gender and age than it does by geographic location,” the story said.

The survey arrived at the following findings:

• Blue, red and green are the most popular colors worldwide, with blue the overall winner.

• Yellow, orange, brown and purple are the least favorite colors worldwide, with yellow preferred by only 5% of respondents.

• Blue is the favorite color of more than half of the world’s people, with 42% of men and 30% of women citing blue as their top color choice.

• Of people over the age of 50, 23% prefer green, while the number drops to 14% among those under 30.

• Women prefer the reds of the color spectrum, a range that includes purple, more than men.

• Among males, 20% associate purple with courage and bravery, yet 22% maintain it is their least favorite color. Among women, 23% said purple is their least favorite color, while 8% say it is their favorite.

• Orange is increasingly disliked by both men and women as they age.

• The most popular colors sold in North America are beiges and grey, while in Asia (India and China), people buy more yellow, pink and light blue tones for their walls.


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