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‘One-Coat’ Insulating Coating Hits Market

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

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Nationwide Chemical Coating Manufacturers (Sarasota, Fla.) introduced SUPER CERAMIC ONE KOTE™ exterior-interior paint, described as a single-coat, high-hiding, acrylic insulating wall and trim house paint.

The company says the product is a ceramic, waterproofing coating that offers insulating and soundproofing characteristics in a low-luster, low-VOC formulation (less than 150 grams per liter VOC). The coating also is reported to offer a high degree of durability, scrub resistance, and resistance to mold, mildew and algae.

Recommended uses are exterior walls and trim, with use as a one-coat interior paint also an option. The paint can be applied to a variety of substrates in residential, commercial, and institutional settings, including primed wood, concrete, brick, masonry, stucco, wallboard, primed plaster, primed metal, and primed synthetic or aluminum siding, the company says.

More information: www.nationwidecoatings.com.


Tagged categories: Energy efficiency; Insulating coatings; Reflective coatings

Comment from David Lawson, (11/10/2010, 7:23 AM)

This doesn't look much like anything new at all. This type of product has been around for the past 15-20 years. Many of these names come from the same manufacturer which has permitted relabeling of an elastomeric coating with ceramics thrown in. Envirocoat out of Canada is one such manufacturer. The only thing that changes is the language in marketing. Here you see the updated buzz words, such as "green", "low-VOC" etc As always, look for the independent testing to support their claims. The use of "Super" appears to be intended to confuse the consumer with another known ceramic coating called Super Therm. The "scubable ceramic coating" term has been used over the past few years by numerous entities including Debbie Travis.

Comment from Phil Kabza, (11/10/2010, 8:24 AM)

About once a year, one of our young client project architects sees a press release like this one and wants to use some new miracle coating. It gives us a chance to do some product evaluation education. We point out such things as: "Waterproofing" means that the material has been tested and demonstrated to resist hydrostatic head. Paints or coatings don't qualify as waterproofing. "Insulating" means measured thermal resistivity evidenced by test reports based on ASTM C 518 or similar tests. we know of no paint or coating that can demonstrate this capability. "Soundproofing" is measured by the sound transmission coefficient (STC), again represented by standard industry tests. We have seen no paint or coating that increases the STC of an otherwise air-sealed wall assembly. "Low-VOC" in the case of LEED projects requires a 50 gram per liter formulation or lower for interior flat and 150 VOC for non-flat paints and coatings. According to the above press release, this particular formulation may comply with LEED VOC requirements. Many interior paints and coatings are available with zero VOC formulations; however, they may not have the durability and scrub resistance claimed by this product. We recommend requesting independent test reports to verify the required characteristics of products. Responsible paint and coating manufacturers take great care and expense to test their products and accurately represent their characteristics, so that design professionals can meet their obligations to their clients when specifying products.

Comment from Eric Swanson, (11/10/2010, 10:28 AM)

I think that many coatings manufacturers throw the 'ceramic' word around. Are they going to bake it to fuse everything together? Right? You might call a coating 'ceramic fortified' but I would hardly call a paint with a few ceramic microspheres in it a 'ceramic'. Now, if you told me that the ceramic was chemically fused into the matrix then I could probably go for that. But, we all know that this is just a cheap acrylic coating with ceramic microspheres and other cheap fillers that is going for a good margin due to marketing. I agree... it's a bit irresponsible in my opinion... This is the reason that consumers never believe anything companies say!

Comment from Ron Cross, (11/10/2010, 11:46 AM)

"Super Ceramic OneKoat" Next stop Home Depot where the uninformed homeowner will purchase the latest miracle cure to their paint problems. The above comments by David, Phil and Eric say it all!

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